Welcome to The Kitchen Table. 

This is not the living room, the family room and most especially not the dining room. This is not linen napkins or crystal goblets, sit up straight and keep your elbows off the table. Quite the contrary. This is bathrobes and slippers, mismatched mugs and sharing the same spoon to scoop sugar. Sit up, sit back, slouch, lay your head down, whatever you'd like. 

This is a table for women: daughters, sisters, mothers, friends.

Why The Kitchen Table?

Because the kitchen is where we live. It's where we gather, where we seek sustenance and comfort. I have noticed in my fiction that the kitchen table is the setting where characters had their most real and honest conversations - where they truly came to life. How appropriately so, as the kitchen is where we gather to talk, where we stir and create, it's where we sit and unwind, and it's where we find ourselves at two in the morning with hot tea or a glass of milk.

What We're Looking For:

Non-fiction. Raw and intimate moments of revelation, rare glimpses of clarity in the midst of our chaos. Specifically, we're interested in moments of faith - either high or low points. We're here for lessons learned, in a pew, or on a dirt road in Africa. Lessons taught by a pastor or a toddler. We are looking for moments of spiritual awareness, eloquently expressed. 

Mostly, we want truth that stirs us and words that encourage and inspire, stories that touch on our frailty and our strength.

About the Editor:

Melanie is a Christian,a writer, a mother and a wife. She unabashedly believes that Jesus Christ really lived, really died, really rose again and that he did this all for you. Melanie loathes wet socks, has a favorite spoon and is a master of procrastination. She welcomes your questions, comments and submissions.

To Submit:

Please send an email to with "Submission" in the subject.

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