The Kitchen Table

Abba. It's the word Jesus used to refer to God, his heavenly father. Translated, the closest word we have for it in the English language is Daddy. He came to his father, to the creator of the heavens and the earth, as a son, as a child and called out to him with a name reserved for tenderness, for unconditional love, for the arms that wrap around us in the darkest hours of night, keeping the thunderstorms and nightmares at bay. Daddy.

Today at the table, Katharine Tapley approaches her heavenly father, her daddy, from the perspective we all find ourselves in at times: the disgruntled teenager.


Welcome to The Kitchen Table.

We are new and actively looking for stories and short verse from women of faith, at whatever level and with whatever life experience.

This is not Chicken Soup for The Soul. This is Espresso for the Spirit.

If you have a story, a glimpse, a moment or memory to share, please take a look at our submission guidelines on the bottom of The Cupboard. Above all, we are seeking moments of honesty, eloquently expressed.

As a work in progress, The Kitchen Table aims to grow with each submission it receives, each voice it adds to the conversation. So please share us with your friends, post us in your blog and add us to your Twitter. Above all, please do not feel limited or restricted in what you would like to share.

Your story is important.

Sit, read, write, share.


I am From

I am from church on Sundays and the knowledge that God is Good.

I am from Amy Grant in my stockings and scripture board books on Easter mornings.

I am from palm branches twisting in my fist and ticking my nose.

I am from the faith that He is risen, He is risen indeed.

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